Moons of Gemini by Bert Miller

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Moons of Gemini

by Bert Miller

It is the year 2091 and humanity is suffering the effects of unmitigated global climate change and ecosystem collapse. An opportunity to save the human species from extinction presents itself with the discovery of two identical twin moons in the constellation Gemini that have ideal conditions for life. But a divided U.S. Congress is unwilling to provide funding because the two parties cannot agree on a constitution for the new space colonies until a savvy scientist, Maximilian Oppenheimer, suggests that democrats and republicans engage in a competition, each creating their own ideal laws for one moon. 

A highly decorated NASA astronaut, Boyd Radcliffe III, is sent on a time traveling mission into the future to observe and evaluate how the ideological colonies fare. Looking back from the future the astronaut sees the eventual destruction of earth and identifies the fateful turning point as the election of Donald Trump. Can Boyd travel back in time and somehow alter history to save the planet earth from the bungling, corrupt politician? What becomes of the pioneers transplanted onto the Moons of Gemini? Which colony succeeds and which fails?

ISBN: 978-1-62249-434-7

Pages: 340


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