Howling Winds Through Southern Pine by Bernice Anderson Poole

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Howling Winds Through Southern Pine

by Bernice Anderson Poole

It is 1946 and Beranda Riley, at fifteen, feels a burden that no young girl should have. The tenant farming life is grueling enough, but the family holds their breath each day, hoping that Mr. Briar, their boss, will not knock on the door and tell them they will have to move and let a larger family, that can farm more acres, move in. Papa has worked hard, doing extra work for Mr. Briar, to make up for their small family, while working their own crops. Now Papa has a bad heart and the doctor tells him that he will have to stop doing hard work, if he wants live to see his grandchildren. Beranda has been sewing since she was five, making outfits for her doll, Annie; Mama says it is a gift from God. Beranda has a plan. First of all she hopes to one day own a sewing machine and learn to sew with store bought patterns.

Mrs. Maybelle Patterson, a white lady who has a prosperous sewing business up the road from Beranda, would be the answer to Beranda's problems. She puts on a sewing contest each year for teenage girls, and the winner receives a whole year of training under Mrs. Patterson herself, and will be prepared to own her own business. It is for white girls only!  Beranda is a dreamer. Each time the wind howls through the tall pines behind her house, she sees visions of what is to come of her dream. Read how Beranda never gives up on her dream.

About the Author

Bernice Anderson Poole believes that in this world, if we treat others as we would like to be treated the world would be a better place.  She has a passion for writing about the country South where she grew up among a host of relatives, many of whom were great storytellers.  Through her writings of those days and times she has learned to respect her own heritage and herself.  She is the mother of three daughters, and has wonderful grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is the author of four other published books, The Listening Sky, A biography of Mary McLeod Bethune, educator, The Haunted Woods, and A Rainbow after the Rain. When Bernice is not writing she enjoys her five rescued animals, Spongy and Pumpkin, dogs, Tilly, Bibs, and Angel, cats.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-298-5

Pages: 119

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