Grenell 1923 by Lynn E. McElfresh

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Grenell 1923

by Lynn E. McElfresh

t's the Jazz Age! Marguerite feels aligned with this new, vibrant decade. Women have gained the right to vote. Gone are corsets, long dresses, and Victorian attitudes. But 
all this change has come at a price. Weary of the fast pace of her new life, Marguerite overwinters on Grindstone Island. Its hardy residents seem sequestered from modernity. Marguerite learns much about herself while living this hardscrabble life. After a harsh winter, she returns to Grenell to prepare for her niece Vivi's wedding at the Grenell Island Chapel. Yet the shadow of the Spanish Flu and the Great War still haunts Marguerite and her niece. Now 23, Vivi has grown into a bitter young woman, leaving Marguerite to wonder if her once happy-go-lucky niece will ever be the same again. 

The Thousand Islands Series 
Set in the sparkling blue waters of the St. Lawrence River between northern New York and Ontario, Canada, the Thousand Islands Series is the sweeping saga of Marguerite Hartranft, whose love for island life bolsters her spirit as she navigates her way through the changing social roles for women between 1881 and 1963. Grenell 1923 is the fifth book in the series. 

This 1922 Lindsey launch made on Hub Island by Lindsey Boatworks for Clarence Kerr of Grenell Island is featured on the cover. We purchased this historic boat in 2011 and re-christened her Lindsey Lynn. 

Pages: 349

ISBN: 978-1 950425-08-6

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