The Whiz Kid's Scam Guide: For-Profit Colleges by Deepak Singh

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The Whiz Kid's Scam Guide: For-Profit Colleges

by Deepak Singh

The for-profit colleges have very expensive tuition compared to the non-profit colleges. They claim they can provide a high quality education to the non-traditional students who may struggle to academically succeed in a traditional college setting- But are for-profit colleges everything they make themselves out to be? Research shows 90% of the money made by for-profit colleges come from the financial aid granted to students by the government. The majority of students paying late on their loans are for-profit college students. Coincidentally, the majority of for-profit colleges have extremely low graduation rates. Half of the students who attend a for-profit college do not graduate with a degree or diploma but only with debt. A growing number of peculiar cases are developing with the for-profit college industry involving aggressive recruitment tactics, the creation of fake transcripts, creation of fake visas for students, instructors not having advanced degrees, fake accreditation, and how a dog was able to earn the MBA.

About Deepak (Danny) Singh

Danny Singh has been doing his mother's finances since he was a child, has never been late on any bill, and has worked with over 30 financial institutions. At 14, he was able to refinance his mother's house and car for lower interest rates. At 16, he managed to get over $1,300 interest refunded from a credit card company. Now, in response to the student loans crisis emerging, Danny is doing financial seminars, publishing tips, and helping consumers rehabilitate their credit. He has been recognized by Governor Rick Perry, First Lady Anita Perry, Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari, State Representative Jason Broduer, Senator Marco Rubio, and several news stations as the "financial whiz kid." If you need help of any kind then please contact him through facebook. He can help you save a house from foreclosure, save a car from repossession, and handle any type of financial issue free of charge. Danny's reward is your financial freedom and experience helps his passion grow.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-202-2

Pages: 221

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