The Gamer by Dr. Robert L. Lawson

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The Gamer

Your Best is Yet to Come

by Dr. Robert L. Lawson


Dr. Robert L. Lawson adds to his Dare to be a Millionaire legacy with his latest book. It is called The Gamer  and is probably one of the best inspirational books on today's market. Chad McKibben, a top level instructor in the field of education had this to say about The Gamer.  The Gamer is truly one of the most powerful, action igniting books that I have ever read. I will probably finish it tonight.

 The Gamer  is about a way of life that shows its readers how to restructure their thought patterns and embrace key principles that are designed specifically to help them to achieve the dreams and goals they may have at one time not thought to be possible. The book contains a poem about The Gamer and the poem reflects many of the success elements necessary and essential to getting things done.

 What separates this book from the masses of self-help and inspirational books on today's market is its direct approach to the heart of the empowerment matter. Whereas most books encourage you to develop your inner drive to succeed, this book does the same but also helps you to realize that the Holy Creator gave you a gift and put you here for a reason to use it. The author helps the reader to fully understand that his God-given talents and abilities can be utilized effectively to assist many others on their life journey as they discover their true purpose.

 The author's ability to show how confidence, knowledge, planning, goal setting, action, commitment, determination, repetition and never giving up can land you at the top of your game is the primary impetus of this book. We may live in a sluggish economy right now, but there is a group of individuals who have chosen not to participate.  This book shows you precisely what changes you need to make to become a part of this elite group and a catalyst for the solution to some of life's challenges.

 If one reads this book ten times and applies the principles inherent in its content, that individual will soon don the characteristics that are so evident and life-changing in The Gamer. Whatever you have achieved up to this point in your life, your best is yet to come. This is the ultimate message in The Gamer. As great as Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Donald Trump are, they can be even better. Imagine that.

98 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-62249-017-2



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