For Truth Seekers by Ira Palmer

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For Truth Seekers: A Peek Into Supermundane 

by Ira Palmer

On schoolyard Earth we find a tumultuous, perilously sick world marred by growing divisions, violence and costly wars, toxic pervasive pollution, dehumanizing injustices, massive deceptions and naked lies that cloud our judgement as yet again humanity struggles to find the correct pathway forward.
Fortunately, that kingdom above the human kingdom called the kingdom of souls (Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy) has offered to work alongside humanity, providing incorruptible consultation if allowed, to solve seemingly intractable problems. Many await the reappearance of Maitreya, Jesus, Koot Humi (on cover), Count Saint Germaine, Jupiter and ten other Masters of life, eventually forty, to openly manifest for the first time in 98,000 years - to show us how sharing, cooperation, justice and sacrifice will be built bit by bit leading to an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity.
Read how their priorities (proper food, adequate shelter, health care and education) as basic rights will gradually become our priorities as we realize and assist the role of the soul, the Masters and God in bringing hope and opportunity to despairing humanity worldwide. Capitalism and socialism will coexist while those willing to help, will roll-up their sleeves to assist. Humanity awaits the Day of Declaration when Maitreya, will share his credentials, a brief history of planet Earth and what lies ahead if we choose to ignore our doubts and fears and forge a glorious future based on unity: Free energy, thousands of miraculous cures and healing at source levels of the invisible etheric body and much beyond description. Read this little book and look to your soul and heart for guidance.

Pages: 240

ISBN: 978-1-62249-689-1


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