Ageless Wisdom by Dr. Robert L. Lawson

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Ageless Wisdom

by Dr. Robert L. Lawson

The primary purpose of this book is to serve as an encouragement to others. Throughout my life, I have been a voracious reader. Over the years, I have either read, heard or penned many of the quotes or poems you will encounter.

The positive impact they have had upon my life has been significant. That is why I have a strong desire to share them. I am hopeful that this vast treasure-trove of inspiring wisdom will serve as the spark or catalyst to ignite someone else to action.

Occasionally, people encounter days where life spins out of control and it becomes refreshing to pick up a good book filled with positive words and profound spiritual insight. This book is one such tool. As you read this book over and over and demonstrate your concern and care for others by sharing these words of wisdom, you won't be able to help but notice your own personal growth.

This book has been divided into four component parts for the benefit of the reader. It is my desire that the aims you take in life are as accurate and as precise as they can possibly be. Therefore, the sections established, Achievement, Inspiration, Motivation and Spirituality purposefully form the acrostic(AIMS). The first section includes quotes where the majority are focused on achievement. The second section includes quotes where the focus is primarily upon inspiration, the third section is filled with motivational quotes and the fourth section focuses primarily on those ideas that constitute those things of a spiritual nature. As you read, you will find that many of these quotes could just as easily have fit into one of the other categories. A bonus section on wisdom has also been included. The importance of correctly applying the knowledge we learn must not go unstated.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-398-2

Pages: 158

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