George W. Bush vs The SuperPower of Peace

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George W. Bush vs The SuperPower of Peace
by Bob Fitrakis

How a failed Texas oilman hijacked American democracy and terrorized the world.

Featuring "A Prayer for America" by Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

For those who love liberty and cherish peace, these are dark days. In this collection of essays spanning the last three years, columnists Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis chart the rise of the Bush Junta, the Republican overthrow of American democracy, the suppression of civil rights, the destruction of the environment in the interest of oil-industry profits, and the continuing threat to world peace posed by fundamentalist right-wingers.

But there is hope -- and it begins with the Truth found within these pages. Truth can crush tyrants, kick down prison doors and walk the world back into the sunshine of freedom. Bush himself has handed an organized, focused and optimistic SuperPower of Peace the tools it needs to get stomping.

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