Never a Good War by Robert T. Hunting

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Never a Good War
A Novel of the International Brigades

by Robert T. Hunting

On the eve of the Nazi invasion of Poland three former freedom fighters dare the unthinkable: false identity papers in hand they enter the Greater Reich with one goal in mind-to kill a Reich officer.    

Never a Good War, tells in alternating voices, the story of the Spanish civil war and its aftermath.  

American idealists Billy Lachance and Lum Del Luca join forces with German socialist, Josef Weiss, all survivors of the brutal Spanish Civil War. The war done, their side betrayed, the three slip across the treacherous Pyrenees Mountains with sacks of gold coins stolen from looters. With stealth they evade fascist and French patrols, aware that captures means a firing squad or concentration camp.  

In Switzerland they discover their target, Rolf von Huber, cashiered from the army, but now proudly wearing his black Hugo Boss SS uniform. Blissfully unaware of what awaits him, he’s working on the problem of resettling all untermenschen once Panzer tanks crash across the border.  

A Deutsche Reichsbahn train carries three imposters eastward to Cottbus, ready to avenge a wrong on the killing fields of Spain.  

From the blood baths of Spain to the harrowing trip into France, to picking up the trail of a slippery prey, this atmospheric, Never a Good War, moves from armed conflict to a personal, dangerous undertaking in the heart of darkness.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-305-0

Pages: 435

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