Dare to Be a Millionaire--Robert Lawson

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Dare to Be a Millionaire
How Doing What You Love Can Make You Rich!
The Twenty Year Plan
by Dr. Robert L. Lawson

Given the current state of our economy, it's no wonder a new book entitled Dare to Be A Millionaire is starting to literally capture the attention of thousands of Americans from around the world. It's a bold and fresh approach to the acquisition of wealth.

The truth of the matter is, there is no quick fix. Through illustrations, examples and stories, Dr. Lawson shows readers how doing what you love can make you rich over a twenty year period.

Dr. Lawson goes on to say, People are sick of the get rich quick schemes. The simple truth is, if they earn, invest wisely and save, they can accomplish so much more. Key components in the book focus on effective ways to plan, earn, save, invest and eliminate debt.

Dare to Be a Millionaire is a highly insightful book based on sound money management principles, solid research and an economic goal achievement strategy that can help readers to vastly improve their own personal economic situation. In addition to economic principles, a case study on the power of compound interest and 101 ways to earn additional dollars, Dr. Lawson has included some very astute and savvy quotes like this one from Ben Franklin, If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting. It's a great reminder in these tough times to manage your money wisely. This book could be one of the tools that become a difference maker in additional revenue generation. History shows that when the economy is tough that it's a great time for individuals to use their creativity and ingenuity to make money. In other words, it is exactly as William James Tilley has said, We grow rich more rapidly in hard times than when business is active and everybody seems to be making money. Let's get started right now !

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