Little Antifreeze by Trazz Sawyer

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Little Antifreeze

by Trazz Sawyer

A young human girl enters into the world of the insects to save many from extinction. Some insects have lost their ability to produce  antifreeze that keeps them alive in winter. Roana, a ladybug seeks help from a human girl named Cindy to help find a cure before winter and they all freeze. The Ladybugs are also keepers of the Zoruru root seed that allow insects to grow into giants. The praying mantis and army ants' wish is to take possession of the Zoruru seeds then destroy the humans and rule the planet. Many great dangers they will encounter. True friendships will be forever formed. Cindy will learn great lessons on just how important the insect species are to our very own survival.. She will learn that many insects carry amazing bio weapons within their bodies. If the insects become giants, then all humans on this planet will forever perish.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-551-1

Pages: 138



Trazz, as a child growing up with three siblings in the State of Mississippi, lived life as a modern day child slave. His life was a living nightmare for far too long. Thus, lacking much he was lucky to learn how to read, much less write. He remembers reading not a single book by an African American author. But this did not stop stories from building within his own imagination. LITTLE ANTIFREEZE is his second children’s book. He first co-authored 8 OUNCES OF WATER FOR 8 HOURS OF MAGIC. New books he hopes to soon publish include his own powerful Autobiography titled WORSE THAN A NOBODY, and a western titled BLACKIE SUN. Trazz is a very talanted screenwriter. He sings, writes songs and is a musician.  

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