Ghost Runners by Chad Wise

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Ghost Runners

Facts (And Folktales) From Stoop to Stickball

by Chad Wise

Did you ever drink from a garden hose and survive? What about placing a baseball card in your bicycle spoke to give it that roaring engine sound? Were Spaldeens, wiffle, tennis, and baseballs part of your youth during the summers? If you can still smell the green grass, taste the treats from a local bakery, and hear your friends yell, “Caaaarrr!”, this book is for you!!

Spanning over a year, over 700 stories and memories were collected from thirty states and four countries.  What did they all have in common? The love of baseball, stoopball, stickball and the like.  In this compilation, over 225 stories are shared, ranging from hilarious to sentimental and everything in between.  If you’re ready to relive those “good old days,” Ghost Runners; Facts (and Folktales) from Stoop to Stickball is ready to take you there. 

So, grab your bat, broomstick handle, and pink bouncy ball! Let’s meet at the old ballfield after lunch and play until the street light begins to flicker!

Pages: 289

ISBN: 978-1-62249-667-9

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