Brief Encounter by Marshall Stearn

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Brief Encounter

by Marshall Stearn

ISBN: 978-1-62249-190-2

Pages: 114

Lenny, a 32 year old Chicago educated, streetwise man. He is hired by Barrie Connell a manipulative, conniving former runway model. The first night they have a business dinner they become intimate. Lenny is 5 foot 6 inches, Barrie is 6 foot They are never seen together after work. Barrie is embarrassed by their height difference. 

After a while she feels brave and invites Lenny to a gathering of her former models and their boyfriends. Lenny subsequently has a confrontation with one of the boyfriends, quits his job and ends his relationship with Barrie.

While Lenny has been with Barrie he has fallen in love with one of the workers at the casting agency. Sylvia a former actress hates the entertainment business as does Lenny at this point. They decide to take a weekend trip to La Jolla.

While having dinner and dancing they meet an interesting couple who give them a stock tip.

When they get back to Hollywood they hock everything to buy a million shares of a penny stock. The stock skyrockets to ten dollars a share. They are rich. Sylvia wants to make movies that speak to people instead of denigrating them. Lenny wants to start Actors Anonymous.

Lenny's vision is like AA, where people tell their story. This is one of his fantasies.

"My name is Alice and I'm an addicted actor.

I'm broke, depressed, with an incompetent agent. It all start in the fourth grade when Mr. La Fond said I should be on the stage. I'm 58,and short, have never had a speaking role. When I was younger and had great T's and A's I got all kinds of roles to drape horror films, muscle movies, brain dead teenage movies. Never close. My agent said new hair dew change my nose, get an uplift on the T's. I did all that but no luck. I noticed new younger prettier actors who would do anything for the role I did it too; but nothing worked I even married a producer. The next show a younger hottie came by he dropped me for her.

I've hit rock bottom, they want me to do extra work. Me with degrees, classes, teachers, coaches, voice over. 'Can anyone out there use me, or do I have to look for a real J-O-B.' To top it off a young hottie wanted me to bear it all in a movie teaching women how to strip. Me a grandmother, so young boys can take their dvd's in the bathroom. she's reaching for the lowest common denominator.

End of fantasy

Sylvia your awful and cruel Lenny.

The End

Fantasy continues credits roll with sound

"Well on second though;t if I was an actor in France, England, Spain, or any other country they respect age and experience. Look at Charlete Rampling getting juicy role in France.

After 30 in the USA forget it. If your T's or A's are in shape make a million in porno. Look at the tv announcers. No lines perfect bodies made over with trainer, dieticians, etc. If you don't make it by then; find a product. Do an infomercial with a well known make actor."

Sound stops

She's still talking, credits still overlap. The camera is now on the group in front of her. They all get up and clap

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