1138 Reasons Why Marriage = Everyone by Byron & Mariah Edgington

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1138 Reasons Why Marriage = Everyone

The Case for Marriage Equality in our Time

by Byron & Mariah Edgington

Discrimination in any activity is wrong. Reasonable people can agree with that. So we begin with an area of agreement, and we build on it. The title suggests the orientation of this work: there are, in fact, 1138 separate legal and civic benefits, protections & rights instantly bestowed on those who say "I do", and choose to marry. In the time it takes to say those two words, society deems the people saying "I do" to be adults, responsible, welcome, and worthy of respect.
But there's a discrepancy in the energy field, an imbalance that is finally beginning to right itself in the universe: A segment of our population--adults who are responsible, and worthy of our respect, are not fully welcomed into societies most valued venue--Civil Marriage. This work tells why that welcoming is overdue, and why it's in our interest to promote and petition for marriage equality as soon as possible. The energy of the universe must be in balance; this is happening now; we all need to hurry it along.
We believe that civil marriage equality benefits everyone, is a major win for the institution of marriage & therefore society, enhances the concept of marriage, and is simply the right thing to pursue. Reasonable people will find here a vision of how good they'll feel at helping marriage equality succeed, attention for their forbearance, and acknowledgement of their efforts to educate themselves. They will also be given a sense of their own contribution toward the realization of rights previously denied their fellow human beings. It's not hyperbole to say that they'll feel like liberators watching captives released into a newfound freedom, and keepers of the light of liberty. Plus, they'll feel the warmth of human gratitude.
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