Nature's Way: The Mute Swans of Lake Logan, Ohio by Simpson

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Nature's Way: The Mute Swans of Lake Logan, Ohio

by Bud Simpson

Very early one morning, on Lake Logan, Ohio, The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), covertly slaughtered the entire population of Mute Swans on that lake. ODNR policy is committed to the total extermination of the Mute Swan in Ohio. The primary reason given for the carnage was the Mute Swan interferes with the "reintroduction" of the Trumpeter Swan to Ohio. The author firmly believes ODNR is badly mistaken in considering the Trumpeter Swan an Ohio native species. Most evidence seems to show the Trumpeter Swan has never nested in Ohio since before the European Settlers arrived on the scene more than four or five-hundred years ago, if ever at all. A few fossilized bones and unreliable anecdotal evidence is all that is available to justify these killings. The author hopes this book will help to open up some dialogue and stop the extermination of the Mute Swan in Ohio and in many other states where this is also happening.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-302-9

Pages: 80 Full Color

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