The Apostles and Other Inspirational New Testament Hymns

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The Apostles and Other Inspirational New Testament Hymns

by Todd Barry, Composer/Lyricist

and Rachel Wendt, Illustrator/Guest Lyricist

In this sequel book, Todd J. Barry and accomplished artist and guest lyricist Rachel Wendt offer fifty-two original hymns, with two extra non-worded hymns, along with a number of illustrations, this time concerning the New Testament, all unique but inspired from attending both regular and diverse services. The introduction contains an explanation on how to read hymns. While some of the hymns are more for children's or adult education, others are better for piano, some are better for singing, others for other instrumental practice, while many others are great for organ and worship. Educationally-, the book is valuable to students of any denomination, church youth groups, and even curious adults, since all of the hymn lyrics rhyme and are easy to remember. The hymns are varied and the lyrical words embody the historically important points of each of the Apostles, including several beyond the traditional twelve, and then offers a number of inspirational hymns, with the emotions of each hymn matched with the thematic topic. The work is, in short, a cornucopia of sounds and images, which, with 52 worded hymns, can each be studied or enjoyed for one week of the 52-week calendar year. 

The adjoined CD on the inside back cover also for listening of the hymns, highlighting the essence of each Apostle or inspirational piece. Musically, the book introduces new sounds, whether sung by congregations or by youth or adult choirs, and the music, while fiery, is easier to sing than the prequel book, Modern Hymns from Ancient Words: An Educational, Old Testament Hymnal. The Apostles part, which adds other historical figures, is told either as by an interested historian, or an individual living back in time, to accentuate God's message through each Apostle. The other hymns non-denominationally expound on the philosophy of religion for certain types of services and seasons of the Christian church calendar. Thus, in addition to educational and leisurely enjoyment, the music can be used as performances, special occasions, education, regular church functions, or choirs, ranging from children to adults. Overall, the work is meant to be historically educational, to create new sights and sounds, and finally, to encourage inspiration and deeper thought. Subsequently, two final hymns allow you, the reader, to create y-our own lyrics, based on what you have gained or learned. 

ISBN: 978-1-62249-563-4

Pages: 91

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