8 Ounces of Water for 8 Hours of Magic

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8 Ounces of Water for 8 Hours of Magic

by by Saveana Warren, Joseph Ponder, Trazz Sawyer

Great evil is soon to descend upon the earth—and upon every inhabited planet in existence. Monsters of folklore and of nightmares become reality. They seek to enslave and destroy humans and intelligent life-forms across the universe and in every dimension. Standing in evil’s way are the brothers Sergio and Lucky and their best friend Elijah.

While searching for worms to go on a fishing trip, Sergio, Lucky, and Elijah find an abandoned well on the brothers’ property. Hearing a voice coming from within the well, they believe someone is trapped inside.

What they find is an empty well, but a magical one. The well informs them that if they drink eight ounces of its water, they will receive eight hours of magical powers. What they learn is that with magic comes an overwhelming responsibility. They learn they are entrusted with saving all of mankind’s existence. Mastering the magic meant mastering the internal conflicts of the mind, emotions, psyche, trust, self-doubt, selfishness, faith, and more.

Will they succeed? Can a group of children save everything we know and don’t know? How will the epic saga end? Is hope, love, faith, and innocence the greatest power of all?

Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-1-62249-373-9

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