Dancing on Quicksand, 2nd Edition by Edward Pomerantz

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Dancing on Quicksand, 2nd Edition

by Edward Pomerantz

Adventure. That’s the key word here. Every play in this collection began with a question, a strong scene, image, or situation that haunted me, whose mystery could only be solved by writing it, moving step by step into unknown territory, emboldening me with clues and discoveries, as I moved forward, loving the danger of it, dancing on quicksand. “We’re lucky,” William Carlos Williams tells us, “when we catch the evasive life of the thing.” With these plays, and the one I’m writing now, I feel lucky to still be spending my days in pursuit of it.

Edward Pomerantz
New York City


EDWARD POMERANTZ has written over 35 commissioned screenplays and teleplays, and is the recipient of two Writers Guild Awards. He wrote the movie CAUGHT, based on his novel INTO IT, released by Sony Pictures Classics and nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards. His play/feast BRISBURIAL was produced by Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre and published by Magic Circle Press. His play ELECTRA THE REWRITE was staged in Greece at the Athens Fringe Festival. His screenplay REAL LOVE won the Best Screenplay Award at the Stockholm Independent Film Festival, and his LA COMIDA won the London Discover Film Festival Award for Best International Short Film. He is the Founder and Director of the Harlem Dramatic Writing Workshop, and teaches Writing For Television at SUNY-Purchase. THREE ORIGINAL SCREENPLAYS by Edward Pomerantz is published by The Educational Publisher and available on Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-394-4

Pages: 550

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