"Pick Me!" Cried Arilla by Phillip Martin

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"Pick Me!" Cried Arilla

by Phillip Martin

Sometimes great ideas pop into my head instantly. Other times, they have to mull around in my brain for a while. The inspiration behind this story happened back when I was in college, which is so long ago that I don't even want to do the math to remember how long ago it was.

Anyway, I heard a sermon where the minister gave an illustration about a star. The star had a special job to fulfill and he took it very seriously. As the minister spoke, his eyes were extremely wide. He looked to the left and the right, without actually turning his head. The star (and the minister) wouldn't budge because he had a job to do, and he was going to do it. I don't remember anything else from the sermon. But, that illustration stuck in my brain. And, it resurfaced when I sat down to write my first original children's book, "Pick Me!" Cried Arilla.

I'm really pleased with this book for so many reasons. The story focuses on students in two classrooms, one on earth and one in heaven. They mirror each other and I tried to have the art mirror that as well. I'm fairly sure that everyone remembers crying out when they were in school for the teacher to "Pick Me!" In this case, nobody cries out louder -- in both classrooms -- than Arilla. And, just like in real life, nobody gets picked all the time.

Arilla learns a lot along the way. She learns to accept she isn't always chosen and to be happy for her friends when they get their turn. She also figures out some of the things that will help her to "shine" and eventually be ready when her purpose is revealed.

The cartoons are kid-tested and kid-friendly. And, honestly, they are way better than anything I drew when I was in college. It's a good thing I waited for the right time to illustrate this book. And, the text is set to rhyme, which is another thing I think I did well on in this project. Call it beginner's luck if you want, but I feel that this is a really delightful first book. So, make the star (and me) happy and pick Arilla.

ISBN: 978-1-662249-558-0

Pages, 32, Illustrated

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