Nature's Way: Birds of the Hills Vol. 1 by Bud Simpson

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Nature's Way: Birds of the Hills Vol. 1

by Bud Simpson

I realized a few years ago that I had taken quite a few pictures. Not only that, most of them seemed to be of birds. After that realization, I started looking through the various folders in the "pictures" section of my computer. I realized then that "quite a few" didn't adequately describe this hoard of images. Thousands? No, Tens of thousands! Also, most of the photographs ranged from, "Why did I save this one," to, "Hey! This one isn't so bad!." I have many photographs of some species, but only a few of others.

It was then I realized I also had quite a few not-so-bad bird, animal, and scenery photographs. It was also about then that I thought maybe one of these days, I'll put them together in a book. So, eventually, I did. My first photo book was a collection of photographs showing the life of the Great Blue Herons at Lake Logan, Ohio, "Nature's Way: The Great Blue Heron." After it was published, it got a really great review from an outdoors writer in Maine by the name of George Smith. George has excellent credentials: Award winning newspaper columnist, outdoors writer, television show host, former executive director of the Sportsmen's Alliance of Maine, Plus, the author of a really enjoyable book, "A Life Lived Outdoors."

I figured if a man with George's credentials liked my book about Great Blue Herons, maybe I should try another photo-nature book. The second book, "Nature's Way; The Mute Swans of Lake Logan," was a sort of rush project. It was my opinion that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) was justifying the killing of all Mute Swans in Ohio by using a false premise: According to them, the Mute Swans were interfering with the so-called "re-introduction" of the Trumpeter Swan here in Ohio. In spite of the rush to get it published because of the circumstances caused by ODNR, I thought that book wasn't too bad, either.

So, here I go again! This book, "Nature's Way: Birds of the Hills," is an attempt by me to gather together some of my better photographs of the birdlife available for observation here in the Hocking Hills of southeast Ohio. Some were taken by me in the State of Maine, but they are still species you can see here in the hills, also. All birds are not equal opportunity models. Most small birds living in dense brush are very hard to observe, much less photograph. They stay in one place for only seconds and then they're gone! For this reason, I'll have several photos of some species and only one or two of others. 

This is not a book to be used for bird identification. It is a book to be perused for pleasure only. I chose the European Starling for the cover because, even though it is considered an "invasive Species," it is still a bird, probably the most common bird, easily observed here in the hills and in every one of the lower forty-eight states. Most people think of it as nothing but a little black bird that lives in flocks. To a degree, that is correct. But, close up, it is a beautiful bird full of iridescent color and personality. Besides, who among us can say we are native to this country when our ancestors all came from other places? Very few!

Even those who feel they are indeed the first people to inhabit this great country cannot say that with absolute certainty. As time passes, I'm certain newer evidence will be uncovered showing the possibility of other human life here before those who might consider themselves the first inhabitants of this new world before the first Europeans arrived. Frankly, I don't care who was here first among Homo Sapiens. I am certain the birds arrived before the humans did. After all, they have wings don't they? And, they arrived here in style!

ISBN: 978-1-62249-339-5

Pages: 84 Full Color

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