The Spy and the Brat by T.L. Moore

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The Spy and the Brat

by T.L. Moore

We all have dreams in our sleep and sometimes those dreams are filled with amazement and adventure. We go to places we have never been to before and we will do things that we have never experienced. But what happens when the line between your dreams and reality is crossed? What happens when the dreamer cannot tell if she is in the midst of a dream or if she is wide awake? The dream becomes a reality or does the reality become the dream?

This is the case with Starr Thomas who is in an abusive relationship with her husband Anthony. Her dreams of a tall man dressed all in black with a mask over his face are slowly consuming her. The tall mysterious stranger saves her from the evil men who for some unknown reason are out to destroy her. The dreams intensify and soon Starr finds herself confused and on the very brink of losing her sanity.

Starr's life slowly unravels and her faith is tested beyond anything she has ever experienced in her entire life. Will she come back to reality or slowly fade away into the land of her dreams?

249 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-62249-044-8

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