White Nylons by Deborah A. Lauder, RN

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White Nylons: An 80's Adventure Through Nursing School Perfect

by Deborah A. Lauder, RN

White Nylons is a story of a young woman starting nursing school while finding out the challenges of being single in the 1980’s. A surprise divorce, becoming a single mom, working parttime and school fulltime were a few hurdles the main character had to overcome in the beginning. 

Then entering nursing school, she met a girl and together they would navigate their way to learn all they could to achieve the coveted “White Nylon Degree,” their RN. Dating disasters, crazy parties, a double homicide at work are some of the hurdles they encounter. The need for road trips for comic relief help get them through the rough spots on the way to their degree.

Pages: 314

ISBN: 978-1-62249-631-0

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