Me is Under Attack by Dana Paul Robinson


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Me is Under Attack

by Dana Paul Robinson

Readers at first will think this short book, “Me Is Under Attack”, is the lament of a disgruntled curmudgeon convinced that the declining standards in our society portend an irreversible descent into widespread boredom and barbarism. However, as they complete their journey through the always persuasive and sometimes entertaining pages they will come to discover the author’s great hope for a better future and his suggestion on how to bring it about. His recommendation entails strengthening relationships, the sinews of society, by reengaging those same personal standards we seem to be abandoning. And, he recommends we start with that paramount standard, the standard of beauty.

It is an easy read and highly recommended for anyone discouraged by the creeping dullness that seems more and more to pervade what once was regarded as western civilization.

83 pages

ISBN: 978-1-62249-149-0

LCCN: 2013954135